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This two day course will provide a selective, up-to-date review of analytical methods in microeconomics for the study of the public sector. It will review some of the principles underlying the role of the state and the design of the tax system and explore the problems that arise in applying these principles. Delegates will be provided with an introduction to recent relevant developments in public economics, including behavioural public economics, drawing on current research.

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Two Days


£690 + VAT

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09:30 The role of the state and public choice - Part a: Efficiency and the role of the state

11:00 Break

11:15 Part b: Public Choice

12:45 Lunch

13:15 Optimal taxes and tax evasion - Part a: Optimal taxes

14:45 Break

15:00 Part b: Tax evasion

16:30 Review and end

09:30 Work and saving - Part a: Work decisions

11:15 Break

11:30 Part b: Saving decisions

13:00 Lunch

13:30 Lecture 4: Investment - Part a: Domestic issues

15:00 Break

15:15 Part b: International issues

16:30 Review and end