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This programme consists of five 'Masters-level' modules. Participants will gain a detailed knowledge of the theory, general principles and key concepts of taxation.

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5 x One-Day Modules and half-day Seminars


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Refreshes the human capital in organisations, keeping Economists up-to-date with the latest, relevant academic thinking; and to equip practitioners with the right tools to improve the way they do their job.

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  • This course has given me a greater understanding of taxation theory and how it applies to policy. 

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Module 1: Overview: General principles and key concepts; behavioural public economics

Module 2: Optimal taxation

Module 3: Taxation of savings

Module 4: Taxes, tax credits and work decisions

Module 5: Corporate taxation, investment and corporate financial policy.

Module 6: International issues in corporate taxation

Module 7: VAT and Excise taxation

Module 8: Externalities and taxation: environmental and transport taxes

Module 9: Inequality, redistribution and taxation (including income and wealth taxation)

Module 10: Tax evasion, avoidance and compliance