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This two day course seeks to recapitulate and revise the main elements of mainstream macro-economic theory, covering the classic model of aggregate supply, Keynesian demand analysis and a simplified general equilibrium framework. In the closing session alternative methodological perspectives will be addressed and throughout the workshop, the discussion will touch on the shortcomings and simplifications of the models covered.

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Two Days


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24 October 2023 09:30

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Morning:         The Long Run Performance of Countries: Measuring growth, GDP, Growth potential, Demographics, the Causes of Growth.

Afternoon:       The Business Cycle: Forecasting Recessions and Recoveries, the IS/LM Model of Business Cycles, Economic Policy in Normal Times.

Morning:         Fiscal Policy. The Fiscal Multiplier, Debt Sustainability, Default Risk, Fiscal Policy since the Great Recession

Afternoon:       Monetary Policy, Inflation Expectations, Rules vs. Discretion, the Yield Curve, the Savings Glut, Monetary Policy at the ZeroLower Bound, Quantitative Easing.